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Sneaker Will High Quality

Sneaker Will High Quality

  • Thursday, 29 July 2021
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Sneaker Will High Quality

Sneaker Will basketball has fierce competition, with constant starting, sudden stop, take-off, horizontal left and right movements, and vertical jumps. A pair of basketball shoes must have good durability, support, stability, flexibility and good shock absorption effect. Nowadays, basketball shoes are not only used when playing basketball. After years of hype by many brands, basketball shoes have been at the forefront of sports fashion, so they pay more attention to style and style, and they also integrate top-level equipment in terms of functionality. The styles are generally high-top and semi-high-top, which can effectively protect the ankle and avoid sports injuries. Sports and normal wear can reflect outstanding style.

Sneaker Will upper: The material is mainly made of thick soft cowhide or PU leather with the same physical properties and microfiber leather, which makes it strong and flexible, which can effectively withstand impact (durability) and make it comfortable to wear. Some models are supplemented by small-area mesh fabrics. , In order to meet the requirements of sports fashion for such shoes.

Sneaker Will midsole: generally uses high-quality MD or PU material with shock absorption, stability, light weight, and softness. Some shoes use special air cushions to withstand the impact of body gravity on the foot that is three times the body weight during exercise (when jumping and falling It can be as high as 7-10 times) (supporting), which improves the shock absorption effect while reducing the weight of sports shoes and reducing physical energy consumption. The MD or PU midsole adopts a dual-density structure design, and the inner and heel parts are harder, which can effectively correct the foot flip, effectively improve the stability during exercise and avoid sports injuries. The forefoot is softer, effectively damping shock, and provides effective propulsion when starting and jumping. The curved groove design on the forefoot makes the foot more flexible and natural (flexibility) when moving. 

Sneaker Will professional air cushion: shrinks when under pressure, the gas inside absorbs external vibration and impact pressure, and then recovers quickly, providing a good shock absorption effect, and converting impact into driving force (energy return), effectively improving exercise efficiency. Sneaker Will TPU: Install a torsion system made of high-density material and TPU material support tray on the inner side and arch of the foot to prevent the foot from turning inward excessively during exercise and avoid sports sprains. And make the soles and heels to match the ground conditions to twist naturally, improve the stability and control during exercise, and the system is enhanced at the same time. The strength of the midsole effectively breaks down the arch pressure. The good elasticity cooperates with the midsole to provide a stronger support effect. 

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