Sneakerwill Shipping Policy

Sneakerwill Shipping Policy
1. Sneakerwill provides free QC service, you can ask our customer service staff to provide QC photos after you complete the payment. If the warehouse is in stock, we will send you QC pictures within 2-3 working days after your payment is successful.

2. Sneakerwill requires our customers to leave the contact information (correct WhatsApp number, Instagram account or FaceBook account) that can contact you when filling in the order information before paying for the order. This is because after your payment is successful, we need to check your order information (receiving address and size) with you to ensure that our Goat Sneakers can be safely delivered to you. If we cannot contact you within 7 working days after your payment is successful, we will refund the full amount to the account you paid for.

3. Sneakerwills delivery time, if you need a QC chart, then we will tell us whether we can ship the shoes after you check the QC before we hand over the shoes to the logistics carrier. If you do not need the QC map, then we will deliver the package to the logistics carrier within 2-3 days after checking the order information with you.

4. Track the tracking number. After Sneakerwill delivers the shoes to the logistics carrier, there will be a 3-7 day transfer cycle. This is because we need to ship the shoes to other countries from a safe channel to safely send the shoes to your On hand. When the transshipment period is over, we will send you a tracking number by email, and you can check your logistics status based on this tracking number.

#If you have any questions or needs help during the package delivery, you can contact Sneakerwill's customer service staff! (Click here to view contact information)